Good Morning/Evening Homeowners,


It is with great consideration that I have had to cancel the first scheduled HOA meeting for 2020 and will not reschedule a replacement date at this time.  I apologize greatly for all inconveniences this may have caused.  Multiple members of the board are first responders or emergency response of some sort and are fully trained in social distancing protocols.  This decision was made after much research and personal involvement with the response development for our department as well as CDC recommendations.  There are many sources of information available but as is common in situations like these  false information as well.  All Buckeye Schools are out of session indefinitely until further notice.  Please take the time to read thoroughly the attached website links below and do your best to keep yourselves and your families safe and healthy.  I will personally strive to do better to get accurate  information to you all in a faster manner.  Please be patient as we are working diligently thru this time of need.


Please note a couple issues with irrigation have arose recently.  If your account balance is over $25.00 you may order irrigation.  If you put the allotted time requested each cycle when flags up you will be scheduled.  If you send a check the checks are deposited twice a month.  Until check is deposited and cleared you will not get irrigation.  If you want to get the same amount of water scheduled each time automatically you MUST put the amount of time and the letters PERM after your initials on the signup sheet, only then will it be scheduled as permanent with the understanding that the $25.00 minimum account balance is maintained.  Any deviation from these steps will only serve to confuse or disrupt the process that has worked for us very well for many years.  If there is any personal issues or troubles please feel free to call and I will address them personally (Michael Dyrcz 602.791.6911).  


It has been noted that language barriers have arisen lately.  We will gladly translate as swiftly as we can.  But please again, reference the steps above do not simply irrigate without money on your account nor assume anything.  Simply ask Mike Perry or myself and we will gladly help you.   If you see a neighbor getting water that may need help or does not understand please help them and then contact Mike Perry (602.670.2937) for further assistance.  Please go to the website and reference the irrigation guideline for other questions as well.  If you have had PERM irrigation in the past and stop even for a cycle be sure to re-sign up as previously mentioned. (We cannot and will not make changes over the phone or last minute as we would be moving YOUR money); I personally just had to do this. 


Thank you for all time and understanding in this what we pray will be a brief interruption of the norm.






Have a Blessed Day,

President Michael Dyrcz and the entire HOA Board of Directors



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