Irrigation account statement and annual assessment payment status are below.

You will notice entries on the schedule “PERM” with a time typed into the TOTAL TIME REQUESTED FIELD.  This is per request of the homeowner, and that is the time they will get for irrigation without having to go to the board and sign up.  If you want to cancel or change your time, do not email or call me, you have to go to the irrigation board and write by your name CANCEL, and pen in the time you want to change to.  Or CHANGE PERM and pen in the time you want to change to.   Remember I pick up the schedule on Wed by 6pm, have all entries made on the irrigation schedule before them.


Click on the links and find your lot number.


OCT 11 – OCT 15 2019 Irrigation Schedule


September 27 2019 Irrigation Statements-George-2



If you do not have a minimum of $25 in your Irrigation account, you will not get water

If your annual assessment is not paid to date, you will not get water.  2020 assessments must be received by January 1st 2019 to avoid $15.00 late fee, and disruption in irrigation.

Irrigation Payments should be sent to: PO Box 82 Buckeye, AZ 85326

HOA Irrigation Administrator – Michelle Garcia 623-387-5338

Home Owner Assessments are

$155.89 / per lot for 2020
Send these to same PO Box. If you have questions on scheduling or payments, please contact the appropriate person on the Contacts page.

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